final case
class Box(dimensions: Rectangle, fill: Fill, stroke: Stroke, lighting: LightingModel, rotation: Radians, scale: Vector2, depth: Depth, ref: Point, flip: Flip, shaderId: Option[ShaderId]) extends Shape

Draws a coloured box that occupies a rectangle on the screen.

trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
trait Shape
trait Cloneable
trait SceneNode
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def flipHorizontal(isFlipped: Boolean): Box
def flipVertical(isFlipped: Boolean): Box
def moveBy(pt: Point): Box
def moveBy(x: Int, y: Int): Box
def moveTo(pt: Point): Box
def moveTo(x: Int, y: Int): Box
def resize(size: Size): Box
def rotateBy(angle: Radians): Box
def rotateTo(angle: Radians): Box
def scaleBy(amount: Vector2): Box
def scaleBy(x: Double, y: Double): Box
def transformBy(positionDiff: Point, rotationDiff: Radians, scaleDiff: Vector2): Box
def transformTo(newPosition: Point, newRotation: Radians, newScale: Vector2): Box
def withDepth(newDepth: Depth): Box
def withDimensions(newDimensions: Rectangle): Box
def withFill(newFill: Fill): Box
def withFlip(newFlip: Flip): Box
def withLighting(newLighting: LightingModel): Box
def withPosition(newPosition: Point): Box
def withRef(newRef: Point): Box
def withRef(x: Int, y: Int): Box
def withRotation(newRotation: Radians): Box
def withScale(newScale: Vector2): Box
def withShaderId(newShaderId: ShaderId): Box
def withStroke(newStroke: Stroke): Box
def withStrokeColor(newStrokeColor: RGBA): Box
def withStrokeWidth(newWidth: Int): Box

Inherited methods

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def productElementNames: Iterator[String]
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def productIterator: Iterator[Any]
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Concrete fields

val size: Size