final class FrameContext[StartUpData](val gameTime: GameTime, val dice: Dice, val inputState: InputState, val boundaryLocator: BoundaryLocator, _startUpData: => StartUpData)

The FrameContext is the context in which the current frame will be processed. In includes values that are unique to this frame, and also globally available services.

Value parameters:

A service that can be interrogated for the calculated dimensions of screen elements.


A pseudo-random number generator, made predictable / reproducible by being seeded on the current running time.


A sampled instance of time that you should use everywhere that you need a time value.


A snapshot of the state of the various input methods, also allows input mapping of combinations of inputs.


A read only reference to any and all data created during start up / set up.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete fields

val dice: Dice
lazy val startUpData: StartUpData


Defined exports

Exported from InputState
Exported from InputState
Exported from InputState