final class SceneContext[StartUpData](val sceneName: SceneName, val sceneTime: Seconds, val frameContext: FrameContext[StartUpData])

SceneContext is a Scene specific equivalent of FrameContext, and exposes all of the fields and methods or a normal FrameContext object. It adds information about the scene currently running.

Value parameters:

The normal frame context object that all other fields delegate to.


The name of the current scene.


The running time of the current scene calculated as the time the scene was entered minus game running time.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete fields

val frameContext: FrameContext[StartUpData]


Defined exports

val dice: Dice
Exported from FrameContext
Exported from FrameContext
Exported from InputState
Exported from InputState
Exported from InputState
lazy val startUpData: StartUpData
Exported from FrameContext