object SearchGrid
trait Product
trait Mirror
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members

Inherited types

type MirroredElemLabels <: Tuple

The names of the product elements

The names of the product elements

Inherited from
type MirroredLabel <: String

The name of the type

The name of the type

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Value members

Concrete methods

def coordsWithinGrid(searchGrid: SearchGrid, coords: Coords): Boolean
def generate(start: Coords, end: Coords, impassable: List[Coords], gridWidth: Int, gridHeight: Int): SearchGrid
def isValid(searchGrid: SearchGrid): Boolean
def locatePath(dice: Dice, searchGrid: SearchGrid): List[Coords]
def sampleAt(searchGrid: SearchGrid, coords: Coords, gridWidth: Int): List[GridSquare]
def score(searchGrid: SearchGrid): SearchGrid
def scoreGridSquares(searchGrid: SearchGrid): List[GridSquare]

Concrete fields