final case
class Polygon(vertices: List[Point], fill: Fill, stroke: Stroke, lighting: LightingModel, rotation: Radians, scale: Vector2, depth: Depth, ref: Point, flip: Flip, shaderId: Option[ShaderId]) extends Shape

Draws an arbitrary polygon with up to 16 vertices.

trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
trait Shape
trait Cloneable
trait SceneNode
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def flipHorizontal(isFlipped: Boolean): Polygon
def flipVertical(isFlipped: Boolean): Polygon
def moveBy(pt: Point): Polygon
def moveBy(x: Int, y: Int): Polygon
def moveTo(pt: Point): Polygon
def moveTo(x: Int, y: Int): Polygon
def rotateBy(angle: Radians): Polygon
def rotateTo(angle: Radians): Polygon
def scaleBy(amount: Vector2): Polygon
def scaleBy(x: Double, y: Double): Polygon
def transformBy(positionDiff: Point, rotationDiff: Radians, scaleDiff: Vector2): Polygon
def transformTo(newPosition: Point, newRotation: Radians, newScale: Vector2): Polygon
def withDepth(newDepth: Depth): Polygon
def withFillColor(newFill: Fill): Polygon
def withFlip(newFlip: Flip): Polygon
def withPosition(newPosition: Point): Polygon
def withRef(newRef: Point): Polygon
def withRef(x: Int, y: Int): Polygon
def withRotation(newRotation: Radians): Polygon
def withScale(newScale: Vector2): Polygon
def withShaderId(newShaderId: ShaderId): Polygon
def withStroke(newStroke: Stroke): Polygon
def withStrokeColor(newStrokeColor: RGBA): Polygon
def withStrokeWidth(newWidth: Int): Polygon

Inherited methods

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def productElementNames: Iterator[String]
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def productIterator: Iterator[Any]
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Concrete fields

val size: Size