final case class Fixed(position: Point, zoom: Zoom, rotation: Radians) extends Camera

Indigo's default camera is fixed. It starts at position 0,0 and shows you everything down and right from there until it runs out of screen. Fixed cameras are useful for replicating the behaviour of Indigos normal windowing while controlling the position, zoom and rotation.

trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
trait Camera
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

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Concrete methods

def moveBy(amount: Point): Fixed
def moveBy(x: Int, y: Int): Fixed
def moveTo(newPosition: Point): Fixed
def moveTo(x: Int, y: Int): Fixed
def rotateBy(angle: Radians): Fixed
def rotateTo(angle: Radians): Fixed
def topLeft(viewport: GameViewport): Point
def withRotation(newRotation: Radians): Fixed
def withX(newX: Int): Fixed
def withY(newY: Int): Fixed
def withZoom(newZoom: Zoom): Fixed

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