A trait that tells Indigo to allow this instance into the event loop for the duration of one frame.

class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
case JumpTo
class LoadAsset
object EnterFullScreen.type
object ExitFullScreen.type
object FrameTick.type
class KeyDown
class KeyUp
class Click
class MouseDown
class MouseUp
class Move
class Wheel
object HttpError.type
class Close
class Error
class Receive
class DELETE
class GET
class POST
class PUT
class Open
class Send
class PlaySound
class Delete
object DeleteAll.type
class Load
class Loaded
class Save
class Load
class Retry
class KillAll
class Spawn
class Update
object ToggleFullScreen.type
trait ViewEvent
object FullScreenEntered.type
object FullScreenExited.type
class Allocate
class Find
class Post
class Failure
class Started
class Success
class Move