final case class BootResult[A](gameConfig: GameConfig, bootData: A, animations: Set[Animation], assets: Set[AssetType], fonts: Set[FontInfo], subSystems: Set[SubSystem], shaders: Set[Shader])

The game bootstrapping process results in a BootResult, which only occurs once on initial game load. The boot result decribes all of the initial values of your game such as it's configuration, data, animations, assets, fonts, subsystems, and shaders. You can add additional assets, animations, fonts, and shaders later during the setup process, so it is recommended that you only load the bare minimum needed to get your game going during the boot phase.

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Concrete methods

def addAnimations(newAnimations: Set[Animation]): BootResult[A]
def addAnimations(newAnimations: Animation*): BootResult[A]
def addAssets(newAssets: Set[AssetType]): BootResult[A]
def addAssets(newAssets: AssetType*): BootResult[A]
def addFonts(newFonts: Set[FontInfo]): BootResult[A]
def addFonts(newFonts: FontInfo*): BootResult[A]
def addShaders(newShaders: Set[Shader]): BootResult[A]
def addShaders(newShaders: Shader*): BootResult[A]
def addSubSystems(newSubSystems: Set[SubSystem]): BootResult[A]
def addSubSystems(newSubSystems: SubSystem*): BootResult[A]
def withAnimations(newAnimations: Set[Animation]): BootResult[A]
def withAnimations(newAnimations: Animation*): BootResult[A]
def withAssets(newAssets: Set[AssetType]): BootResult[A]
def withAssets(newAssets: AssetType*): BootResult[A]
def withFonts(newFonts: Set[FontInfo]): BootResult[A]
def withFonts(newFonts: FontInfo*): BootResult[A]
def withShaders(newShaders: Set[Shader]): BootResult[A]
def withShaders(newShaders: Shader*): BootResult[A]
def withSubSystems(newSubSystems: Set[SubSystem]): BootResult[A]
def withSubSystems(newSubSystems: SubSystem*): BootResult[A]

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