final case class Clip[M <: Material](size: Size, sheet: ClipSheet, playMode: ClipPlayMode, material: M, eventHandlerEnabled: Boolean, eventHandler: ((Clip[_], GlobalEvent)) => Option[GlobalEvent], position: Point, rotation: Radians, scale: Vector2, depth: Depth, ref: Point, flip: Flip) extends EntityNode[Clip[M]] with Cloneable with SpatialModifiers[Clip[M]]
trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
trait Cloneable
trait EntityNode[Clip[M]]
trait RenderNode[Clip[M]]
trait SceneNode
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

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type Out = T
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Concrete methods

def backwards: Clip[M]
def flipHorizontal(isFlipped: Boolean): Clip[M]
def flipVertical(isFlipped: Boolean): Clip[M]
def forwards: Clip[M]
def loop: Clip[M]
def modifyMaterial[MB <: Material](alter: M => MB): Clip[MB]
def modifySheet(alter: ClipSheet => ClipSheet): Clip[M]
def moveBy(pt: Point): Clip[M]
def moveBy(x: Int, y: Int): Clip[M]
def moveTo(pt: Point): Clip[M]
def moveTo(x: Int, y: Int): Clip[M]
def pingPong: Clip[M]
def play: Clip[M]
def play(startTime: Seconds): Clip[M]
def play(startTime: Seconds, numOfTimes: Int): Clip[M]
def playOnce: Clip[M]
def playOnce(startTime: Seconds): Clip[M]
def reverse: Clip[M]
def rotateBy(angle: Radians): Clip[M]
def rotateTo(angle: Radians): Clip[M]
def scaleBy(amount: Vector2): Clip[M]
def scaleBy(x: Double, y: Double): Clip[M]
def scrubTo(position: Double): Clip[M]
def toFrame(frameNumber: Int): Clip[M]
def toGraphic(frameNumber: Int): Graphic[M]
def transformBy(positionDiff: Point, rotationDiff: Radians, scaleDiff: Vector2): Clip[M]
def transformTo(newPosition: Point, newRotation: Radians, newScale: Vector2): Clip[M]
def withArrangement(newArrangement: ClipSheetArrangement): Clip[M]
def withDepth(newDepth: Depth): Clip[M]
def withFPS(fps: FPS): Clip[M]
def withFlip(newFlip: Flip): Clip[M]
def withFrameCount(newFrameCount: Int): Clip[M]
def withFrameDuration(newFrameDuration: Seconds): Clip[M]
def withMaterial[MB <: Material](newMaterial: MB): Clip[MB]
def withPlayMode(newPlayMode: ClipPlayMode): Clip[M]
def withPosition(newPosition: Point): Clip[M]
def withRef(newRef: Point): Clip[M]
def withRef(x: Int, y: Int): Clip[M]
def withRotation(newRotation: Radians): Clip[M]
def withScale(newScale: Vector2): Clip[M]
def withSheet(newSheet: ClipSheet): Clip[M]
def withSize(newSize: Size): Clip[M]
def withSize(width: Int, height: Int): Clip[M]
def withStartOffset(newStartOffset: Int): Clip[M]
def withWrapAt(newWrapAt: Int): Clip[M]

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Concrete fields

lazy val length: Seconds
lazy val x: Int
lazy val y: Int