Examples, Demos, and References

At various points in Indigo's development, little games and examples have been made. These help drive out requirements, test the feel of the engine against real examples and help ensure the build is stable.

They are not always very polished, but they are small and reasonably easy to follow.


Examples can all be found in the indigo-examples repo.

Please visit the repo for more information.

Demos & References

A slightly random collection of open source projects and demos you can use for reference.


An implementation of a Roguelike, this was an evolution of the Roguelike Tutorial work below.

Please visit the repo for a playable link: https://github.com/davesmith00000/roguelike


An attempt to follow the official roguelike tutorials using Scala and Indigo. Check out the repo README for more details.

Please visit the repo for playable links: https://github.com/davesmith00000/roguelike-tutorial

The Cursed Pirate

A tiny little/limited platformer like demo originally built as a demo for a meetup talk:

Please visit the repo for a playable link: https://github.com/PurpleKingdomGames/pirate-demo


The original "does this thing work" Indigo demo. A 1-bit Snake implementation.

Please visit the repo for a playable link: https://github.com/PurpleKingdomGames/snake-demo

Snake! In five minutes!

Another snake game, in the fewest number of lines possible!

Please visit the repo for a playable link: https://github.com/davesmith00000/snake-in-5-minutes-port


A version of the classic Pong! game, created to test Indigo's new (and rather basic!) physics engine.

Please visit the repo for a playable link: https://github.com/davesmith00000/pong


A small work in progress selection of shaders written in Ultraviolet for Indigo.

Please visit the repo for a viewable link: https://github.com/davesmith00000/shaders